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Thanks to Laura Stanley at laurastanley.com for curating an exceptional New York shopping list for us!  It was a true honer and success for her to scope out the best of the best shopping spots in NYC for our trip…. She started us off with Fort Street Studio, Double Knot, John Derian, Aero, Ochre, BDDW, and of coarse ABC Home. I’m thrilled that my latest design will feature a piece from each spot!  

I highly suggest 1st dibbs (10th floor NY Design Center) The best Mid-century modern dealers are found here, and not to mention I had to hit up Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn…Another famous hot spot..Thanks to Mary Randoplh Carter!!!

We were also lucky enough to catch Rachel Ashwell’s freshly packed Brimfield finds.  It was by accident that we caught her in town for her son’s graduation!!! 

Another great find was our dear friend Joseph Burwell at an eventful art opening in Brooklyn. He is a mastermind…find him here: josephburwell.com

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  This is my first attempt to creating an encaustic piece.  Ellen Koment is my favorite encaustic artist!!   Check her out …http://www.nmencausticworkshops.com/ 

Wax encaustic is an ancient medium that has experienced a contemporary Renaissance. Encaustic Painting was practiced by Greek Artists as far back as the 5th century BC. Legend has it that the Greeks applied coatings of wax and resin to waterproof their ships, and that this led to pigmenting the wax for decoration. Homer talks about the painted ships of the Greek warriors at Troy.

The technique of Wax Encaustic Painting involves applying layers of pigmented wax, which are then fused together with heat. The word encaustic comes from the ancient Greek, meaning to burn in. This glazing process allows a depth and richness of color to be achieved. For me the glory of working in wax has been the discovery of what it can do that other mediums can’t. Any observer can appreciate the extraordinary effects of depth and luminosity that can be achieved, the wonderful sense of transparency that you can play with, the richness of textural possibilities, these are the obvious. Less apparent, perhaps, is the involvement with the process itself. The sheer love of beautiful natural materials, the completion of the process by sealing it with fire. 

-Ellen Koment


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Our team is officially back!!! We ended the year 2011 in India… textile designing, location scouting for www.Johnrobshaw.com next promo ad, and as always lots and lots of market shopping. I look forward to sharing with you our latest projects in 2012.  Happy New Year!!! XO